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Aarpee Hygiene Pvt.Ltd., which owns the sanitary pads brand Titlee, was established with a view to improve the menstrual hygiene practices of women in India. Over the past seven years, the company has been instrumental in providing affordable and quality sanitary napkins through various organisations, specifically reaching the women in rural hinterlands. During this journey, the company saw an opportunity to raise the benchmark of the quality of sanitary napkins being provided in the market which gave birth to its brand, Titlee.

The brand resolves to enable a wider reach of quality hygiene products and is committed towards building a society wherein adolescent girls do not have to drop out of school and young women feel secured and confident even at the onset of menstruation.

Titlee's core values center around passion, quality and integrity for creating a better and evolved society. We take pride in every product we manufacture and we strive to manifest and sustain our vision for young girls and wish that they fly uninhibited towards their dreams & future.


To enhance the benchmark of the quality of sanitary pads available in India

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Our  brand 'Titlee' is befitting of the young aspirational women in India today - free spirited, ambitious and determined - fueled with a desire to overcome traditional beliefs and social taboos associated with menstruation.
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